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Up to 6 Percent of Your Medicare Payments Are at Risk—Are You Ready?

Satisfy quality reporting requirements and foster improvement in the quality of care furnished to patients through the AJRR Orthopaedic Quality Resource Center

PQRS, VBM, and MU reporting to CMS

The AJRR Orthopaedic Quality Resource Center, in collaboration with CECity, is approved by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) as a Qualified Clinical Data Registry (QCDR). A QCDR is comprised of Physician Quality Reporting System (PQRS) and/or non PQRS-approved measures which qualifies as a CMS-approved reporting tool for PQRS. The AJRR Orthopaedic Quality Resource Center is a QCDR with 38 quality measures.

Before you make your reporting selection, you can access all of the available custom and PQRS measures available for 2016 PQRS reporting for Individual Providers or Group Practice Reporting Option (GPRO) practices. Regardless of the type of reporting selected, the resource center guides providers and practices through the steps for reporting to ensure that requirements are satisfied.

The AJRR Orthopaedic Quality Resource Center, in collaboration with CECity, is currently accepting data from Eligible Providers (EPs), to fulfill the Meaningful Use Electronic Health Record (EHR) Incentive Programs Public Health Objective, Measure 3, submission of data for specialized registry reporting. To meet this objective, EPs are requested to electronically submit data from Certified Electronic Health Record Technology (CEHRT) to the AJRR Orthopaedic Quality Resource Center. For more information on how to get started visit www.medconcert.com/ajrr.

What’s at risk?

Reporting PQRS through this resource center can assist eligible professionals and GPRO practices in avoiding the maximum penalty and achieving the maximum incentive under the 2016 PQRS and the Value Based Modifier (VBM) programs. These programs collectively place approximately 6% of 2018 allowed Medicare Part B FFS charges at risk.

Beginning in the 2016 PQRS reporting period, the VBM applies to all physicians, PAs, NPs, CNSs & CRNAs and Non-Physician EPs. The VBM takes into account both PQRS quality data and Medicare cost data to calculate a provider's overall VBM score. The budget-neutral VBM program provides upward payment adjustments to high-performing providers, applies a downward payment adjustment to low-performing providers, and applies a neutral payment adjustment to those in the middle. VBM payment adjustments are additive to PQRS, and are automatically applied to all providers and group practices who do not successfully report PQRS. For those who do report PQRS, the VBM payment adjustment is applied through quality-tiering.

How do I get started?

Registration and payment is required for each PQRS submission period. The annual cost per provider is $439. This subscription fee includes annual use of the data for quality improvement purposes and PQRS submission to CMS. Get started at www.medconcert.com/ajrr.