April 2015

Ms. Karla Barber


Ms. Barber has been working for Centura Health for the past 17 years and is currently the Director of Clinical Value Analysis. She serves as a liaison with physicians, clinical areas, and vendors to facilitate the resolution of clinical issues and is an integral part of the facility-based senior leadership decision making body. She also served as a panelist for the first AJRR User Group Meeting.

Q: Do you enjoy working with the AJRR staff?

A: Absolutely! They are easily accessible, positive, encouraging, and extremely knowledgeable!

Q: What do you like most about your job?

A: I enjoy serving as a patient advocate from a corporate level and impacting our whole patient population from a system perspective.

Ms. Judy Casper


Ms. Casper has been working for MOSH for the past two years as the Clinical Data/Research Coordinator. In this position, Ms. Casper manages all data entry, submission, abstraction, management, and reporting for all internal and external orthopedic databases and registries. Ms. Casper was also on site at the AJRR User Group Meeting as a panelist.

Q: What made you decide to enroll your site with AJRR?

A: It was a really easy decision. MOSH's physicians and management set a very high standard for themselves and for the facility. Participation in AJRR supports that standard.

Q: What do you like most about the AJRR?

A: The potential for data-driven change that it affords. The AJRR has taken on a monumental task, and I believe they even surprise themselves when it comes to how successful they have been. It speaks to a well-conceived plan that is being effectively executed.

Ms. Kim Kimberling


Ms. Kimberling has been working for Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital Southwest Fort Worth for the last nine years as the Orthopedic Service Line Coordinator and has been working for the Texas Health Resources system for the last 10 years. In this position, Ms. Kimberling oversees the operational management, strategic planning, quality management, and customer engagement for our Orthopedic Service Line.

Q: Are you still involved with AJRR participation and data submission? If so, what is your role?

A: Once I receive a data file, I perform some formatting changes, check for any missing fields or inaccuracies, and submit the data to AJRR. I also run reports AJRR has available through their site and share the information with our Orthopedic Quality and Data Management Committee.

Q: What do you like most about the AJRR?

A: Their great staff! They have been very responsive to any questions I had during the enrollment and data submission process.

Ms. Susan Mehle


Ms. Mehle has been working for HealthEast Care System for 19 years and is currently the Director of Data Science. She analyzes large organizational data sets to answer specific questions and improve outcomes for patients and their families. Ms. Mehle also served as the Moderator at the first AJRR User Group Meeting in Las Vegas, Nev. last month.

Q: What is your favorite thing about your job?

A: I really enjoy sitting down with my internal customers - surgeons, clinicians, administrators, etc. - and reviewing what my team has found in the data that we can use to improve what we do.

Q: Would you recommend enrollment with AJRR to others?

A: YES! The more coverage we have across the U.S., the better our results will be. It becomes a matter of public health, and as keepers of that data, it is our responsibility to see it's used to improve the health of our communities. The data that comes back is also useful and important in operations for the hospital as well.

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