Promoting your Participation in the Registry

As an AJRR participating site, you have access to a variety of resources – at no charge to you! 

AJRR Participating Logo – Use the provided logo on your website and other promotional materials to announce that you are participating in this quality initiative. Increase your exposure by linking to our website. 

Press Release Template – Fill in the details on the template press release with the name of your organization, contact information, and possibly a quote from your surgeon champion. Send it to your local media outlets, and/or include an article in your newsletter. Don’t forget to post a link of the release to your social media sites! 

Social Media – Please connect with us on our social media platforms. 

Connect - This is a great way to keep up-to-date with the latest AJRR news, events, and resources. Connect with other participants of the Registry, and share your success stories. We will also ‘follow and friend’ your organization. 

Engage – Once you connect with us, we’ll do the same with you making it easier to ask questions, make comments, and engage with other participating sites or potential users. 

Share – Sharing and learning from each other is how we improve and evolve. By sharing stories and links, connecting, and engaging, we can all be a much more involved community. Don’t forget to share stories and articles with your own communities about your involvement with AJRR. 

AJRR User Group Network – Join a network of other participating sites, like you! The inaugural AJRR User Group Network launched in March 2015. This group shares information on implementing the AJRR in their institution, lessons learned, best practices, and other issues that users encounter along the way. We also have a User Group Forum for networking and other learning opportunities. We want to hear from the network about useful and helpful ways that this group would like to interact with each other. 

Marketing and Communications Professional Assistance – Utilize the AJRR Marketing and Communications team for assistance to help promote your participation with the Registry. Not only can we support you with the above items, but we can provide AJRR spokespeople, assist you with writing an article, or help with a reporter/editor for a story they may be writing. The AJRR Marketing and Communications staff works with the media on a regular basis and tries to get stories placed in national and regional professional and public news outlets. Additionally, if you need talking points, a slide presentation, or a backgrounder about AJRR for internal promotions or presentations, we’d be happy to help you! Please contact AJRR Marketing and Communications Specialist Erik Michalesko at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for assistance.

And finally, we have a collaborative relationship with U.S. News & World Reports’ Health Best Hospitals program. They will be featuring hospitals that are participating in our registry on their website – increasing the value of your hospital to their monthly audience of over 20 million unique visitors with 120 million page views.