Access Your Data Through Reports and Dashboards

dashboard704kgoodWe’ve upgraded our dashboard with details toward enhanced performance and improved analyses. We’ve redesigned the navigation and utilized drag and drop features to create powerful visualizations of the data that now includes widgets from a central spot to better understand what’s happening at your institution and to compare against national benchmarks. With nearly a million procedures in the database, you can analyze and drill down on individual data points that matter most to you. These national benchmarks are created within the system using de-identified, aggregate data from all participating facilities in the Registry. Additionally, you can bookmark and save filters for the data points you use most frequently. And best of all, you can get access to your data within 48 hours of submission.

Run Your Reports in the QueryBuilder

With all of the data that hospitals receive from their patients, it may be a difficult task to narrow down what you’re specifically looking for. You’re in luck: the QueryBuilder section of the Registry allows you to run over 25 different reports on your institution’s data. Each report provides diverse pieces of information that help paint a complete picture of your arthroplasty practices. Below is a list of the reports available, separated by Level.
Level I Reports:
· Count of Procedures by Procedure Code
· Hip Procedures Submitted to the AJRR
· Component Count by Type and Manufacturer
· Procedures Submitted with Component Information
· Knee Procedures Submitted to the AJRR
Level III Reports:
· Patient Portal Report
· Patient Zip Code
· HOOS Summary Report
· HOOS, JR. Summary Report
· KOOS Summary Report
· KOOS, JR. Summary Report
· PROMIS-10 Global Health Summary Report
· VR-12 Summary Report
· VR-12 Full Report with Patient Responses
· EUROQOL Summary Report
· Harris Hip Score Summary Report
· Knee Society Knee Scoring Post-Operative Summary Report
· Knee Society Knee Scoring Pre-Operative Summary Report
· Oxford Hip Score Summary Report
· Oxford Knee Score Summary Report
· SF-12 Summary Report
· SF-36 Summary Report
· WOMAC Summary Report
· Patients with Email Addresses

A custom report can be generated from your data for a nominal fee. For information on custom reports, contact us.

Compare Your Institution to National Benchmarks with the Dashboards

Collecting data and measuring patient outcomes against how you’ve performed in the past can improve the quality of patient care. However, even more valuable is the ability to compare your institution’s data to that of national benchmarks, which is exactly what AJRR’s dashboards allow. Easy-to-understand dashboard graphs help you visualize how your data stacks up against the other (de-identified) participants in the Registry, and you are given the option of changing the scope of the data. You can access graphs that compare your individual hospital or your entire health system to national demographics.

 Analyze Your PROMs Data with Our Level III Dashboards - Included with your Participation

If your institution collects patient-reported outcome measures (PROMs) or is planning on starting a program, you may be interested in our Level III system and dashboards. You can use our system for survey deployment, collection, and viewing. Our Level III PROMs dashboards feature comparative graphs of the AJRR recommended measures. They are available at the national, health system, and hospital level. You can email your patients for survey taking.

 How do I Access the AJRR Demand Reporting & Electronic Dashboard System?

In order to access your facility’s data, you must purchase a subscription to the dashboard system. If your institution has purchased a subscription and you’ve received username and password credentials, you can log into the site from the website (in the upper right hand corner under LOGIN.)