Access Your Data Through RegistryInsights Reports and Dashboards

AAOS RegistryInsights Demo AAOS Registries are built on technology that allows your site to access all your AAOS orthopaedic registries in one place. RegistryInsights® subscribers currently have access to three dashboards: Data Submitters Dashboards, Institution Dashboards, and Surgeon Dashboards.

Each site receives Data Submitters Dashboards access for unlimited users. Easily provide your IT department and/or Authorized Vendors access to submit data securely with insights into the accuracy of the data submission process. The dashboards provide the ability to view issues with the files your site uploaded, allowing for more accuracy and transparency into your site’s data integrity. Once the files are correctly submitted, you can view the data on the platform within 48 hours.

The Institution Dashboards give Authorized Users unlimited access to run reports and compare their site and health system to national benchmarks. It includes procedural, post-operative, and patient-reported outcome measures (PROMs) dashboards with site and national views. Your RegistryInsights annual subscription allows for one Authorized User, but you can add more for an additional annual fee.

The Surgeon Dashboards provide surgeons personalized dashboard and a summarized status of their individual procedural, post-operative, and PROMs data, so they can compare it against national benchmarks. They can use this information for required reporting to quality improvement initiatives, including the American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery’s Maintenance of Certification program. Complete this form to get started with the Surgeon Dashboards.

Run Your Reports in RegistryInsights

With all the data that hospitals, surgery centers, and private practice groups receive from their patients, it may be a difficult task to narrow down what you’re specifically looking for. You’re in luck: RegistryInsights allow you to run over 25 different reports on your site’s data. Each report provides diverse pieces of information that help paint a complete picture of your orthopaedic practices. 

A custom report can be generated from your data at no addtional cost. For information on custom reports, contact the AAOS Registry Analytics team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Compare Your Site to National Benchmarks with the Dashboards

Collecting data and measuring patient outcomes against how you’ve performed in the past can improve the quality of patient care. However, even more valuable is the ability to compare your site’s data to that of national benchmarks, which is exactly what RegistryInsights dashboards allow. Easy-to-understand graphs help you visualize how your data stacks up against the other (de-identified) participants in the Registry Program, and you are given the option of changing the scope of the data. You can access graphs that compare your individual site or your entire health system to national demographics.

The RegistryInsights PRO Platform

Our PRO platform is a free benefit included with your subscription. The AAOS Registry Program offers a system that can deliver patient-reported outcome (PRO) surveys to patients and collect their responses. The patient responses are then displayed on your RegistryInsights dashboards and can be compared to national scores.

PROs can be valuable tools in guiding physicians and patients on understanding a patient’s health status, as well as help with government quality improvement initiatives and reimbursements opportunities. Consider using our robust RegistryInsights PRO platform to make a positive impact on your site’s quality measurement.

How do I Access RegistryInsights?

AAOS Registry Program participants that have received username and password credentials can log into RegistryInsights at (in the upper right-hand corner under "Registry Login"). Contact Registry Support at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you are unable to log in.

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